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A commission is paid on the 10th of each month for all previous month’s payments received. If the 10th is on a weekend it will be paid the Friday prior.

No. This is highly frowned upon and we will remove any commission gained this way when we audit commissions. 

Affiliate links are available 24 hours after the challenge goes live

In your Partner Resources, Scroll down to the “Referral Partner Ledger” section. When you’ll get paid: Payment to your linked PayPal account will occur in the first week of every month, after your commission has “Matured” for 30 days. For example, if someone uses your link to purchase a commissionable product on January 15th, that commission will “Mature” on February 15th and be available for payout in the first week of March.

Your links will be available in the affiliate portal after you login. Go to your Advanced Partner Dashboard and click on Link Generator.

Any programs that are available to promote will have a link there for you to use. If you do not see any links please hit the support button and ask about the evergreen links (available year round) and inquire also if you think there should be a new current challenge link also.

Remember for any stand alone challenges being run they are available 24 hours after the challenge goes live to the public.

Our affiliate system tracks customer purchases using cookies, and works on a final-click basis. We have found this tracking to be the most effective way to credit out affiliates. Unfortunately, we are not able to link a purchase to a customer after a purchase has already taken place.

We do not recommend, nor do we support using URL shorteners when promoting your affiliate link. We have experienced too many issues with purchases not being tracked, so instead we recommend using a custom domain and redirect.

As an active member of 100x Acceleration you can promote 100x Acceleration Level 1.

From time to time Pedro and the team will open up other opportunities that will be clear on this dashboard and in your link generator in the Advanced Partner Resource page.

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